Maria has trained in the restaurant sector and as an electrical installer. In addition, she has completed a course on the basics of electricity whilst working. She has extensive experience in wire harnesses and in production work. Maria’s role at Ampner is varied, and she is able to help in many matters. Her role includes making procurement purchases, updating system data, managing supplier claims, dispatching goods, assisting at the reception, searching for various kinds of data, and resolving problem situations. Maria is responsible for the purchases of the company – from components to coffee milk. At Ampner, Maria is a multi-talented professional, who is always ready to help and do whatever needs to be done in order to meet the goals set. She also acts as the occupational health and safety officer at Ampner.

At Ampner, we absolutely believe that we are the best in our field in the world.

Maria says that the best part of working at Ampner is that the company’s future goals are far-reaching, the staff are eager to keep learning, and the company believes in itself and its products. “At Ampner, we absolutely believe that we are the best in our field in the world.” Maria has also worked as a security officer, for example, at festivals for 20 years. She calls her fellow festival workers her summer family. In her leisure time, Maria enjoys spending time at home gardening, with her family, and walking her dogs.