Ensuring reliable power distribution

We help system operators to improve the reliability of their power distribution by simulating various network conditions.

In these studies, we utilize our extensive experience in power grids and modern simulation software (PSS/E and DIgSILENT PowerFactory).

The studies can focus on individual temporary phenomena or a longer period. For longer-term reviews, we can make use of measured production and consumption time series.

Thanks to our expertise, we are also able to support our customers in the development of their network through design tasks related to network investments.

Our typical scope of expert services

Our typical scope of expert services within a project includes an individual task or wider package, containing some of the following areas:

  • General planning for network extensions and modernization
  • Power system studies
  • Reactive power studies
  • Demanding replacement studies, including special characteristics of power generation
  • Grid impact studies for power generation
  • Fingrid VJV2018 and SJV2019 Grid Code Compliance Service and consultation
  • Development of grid connection requirements and principles
  • Protection settings for substations, including differential and distance protection
  • Documentation of network protection principles and settings
  • Power quality, transient and disturbance studies