Power generation is in a transition where zero-carbon energy sources are increasing their share.

The biggest wind and PV solar plants nowadays have equal capacities compared to coal and nuclear plants, and this imposes stricter requirements on power plant architecture and performance.

We have contributed to wind power projects constructed in Finland and other countries with an accumulated installed capacity of more than 3,000MW.

The converter-connected power generating modules and their grid integration are part of our DNA, but we do understand the value of synchronous generators as the backbone of power systems. Demanding dynamic studies, Grid Code Compliance services and protection studies are the core of our offerings for this sector:

  • Power plant VJV2018 Grid Code Compliance service for the grid connection
  • Power plant internal network design and dimensioning
  • Power plant protection settings

Our typical scope of expert services

Our typical scope of expert services within a project includes an individual task or wider package, containing some of the following areas:

  • Fingrid VJV2018 and SJV2019 Grid Code Compliance Service and consultation
  • Fingrid VJV2018 and SJV2019 Grid Code Compliance Tests
  • Grid code compliance, studies, and consultation globally
  • Grid connection requirement technical advisory
  • Grid connection concept design and techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Electrical design for a power generating facility from a low-voltage power generating module to the high-voltage transmission grid, while supporting all project stages from green field development to power production
  • Technical advisory for procurement
  • Load flow studies (power and energy losses, reactive power capacity)
  • Fault current studies
  • Protection design, protection settings and protection co-ordination
  • Dynamic simulation studies with PSS/E and DIgSILENT PowerFactory
  • Tuning of power system stabilizers (PSS, POD)
  • Dynamic simulation model development
  • Power quality, transient and disturbance studies
  • Earth resistivity and earthing resistance measurements
  • Power quality measurements

Tailored services

The scope of our services can be tailored according to your needs and role in the project. We can add value to your scope if you are

  • a power generating facility owner
  • EPC contractor
  • OEM
  • system integrator
  • investor
  • project developer
  • or another engineering company without in-depth expertise in the areas where we excel.