The Finnish renewable energy expert Ampner and Germany-based energy storage solution provider TRICERA energy GmbH have entered into an agreement about delivering ACE 300 ES inverters to battery energy storages.

The need for battery energy storage systems is growing due to the rapidly increasing share of renewable energy. Storing electricity provides flexibility in demand and helps to optimize the use of volatile wind and solar energy.  The inverters are an integral part of a battery energy system, required for converting the direct current from the batteries to alternating current that the electricity grid can use and vice versa, when electricity needs to be stored from the grid.

TRICERA energy is specialized in development, planning and construction of medium to large scale battery storage systems. Ampner designs and manufactures reliable and flexible inverters providing versatility to battery storage design.

With the agreement TRICERA energy and Ampner aim at long-term partnership for delivering high quality battery energy storages with reliable energy production and strong financial yield. In addition to the signed frame agreement, the first delivery for MW-scale grid connected energy storage systems is going on and will be deployed in Germany during summer 2022. The application for this installation is frequency containment reserve, which helps to maintain the grid frequency during normal operation and disturbances.

“The ACE 300 ES, is a perfect fit to our flexible battery storage solutions as Storage as Service System with 1st or 2nd life batteries” says Lars Fallant COO at TRICERA Energy GmbH.

“I am delighted about starting the collaboration with TRICERA energy. One of the main benefits of the ACE 300 ES inverters is modularity and we together see that there are several advantages on installation, safety and system availability when the power converter system is built around a modular inverter solution” says Mika Jantunen, VP, Sales & Product Management at Ampner.

Additional information

Mr. Mika Jantunen, Co-Founder, VP, Sales & Product Management, Ampner

Tel: +358 40 165 7933, e-mail:

Mr. Lars Fallant, CEO, Tricera energy

Tel. +49 160 90447751, e-mail:

Ampner Oy

Ampner provides products and services for connecting renewable energy sources to the grid. Ampner creates smart solutions for managing, testing and assuring the quality of a variety of renewable energy sources. The company designs and manufactures string inverters capable of operating in demanding conditions in photovoltaic power plants and battery energy storage systems globally. The company also designs, calculates and simulates electrical connections to the grid, whatever the energy source: wind, the sun, water, biomass or battery energy storage.

TRICERA energy GmbH

TRICERA energy GmbH is specialized in the fields of development, planning and construction of medium to large scale battery storage systems. With flexible and modular battery storage systems, the company wants to support the energy transition to 100% regenerative energy supply. Therefore TRICERA energy implements large scale stand alone battery projects as well as large scale hybrid projects (PV + wind + battery + X). Thanks to the strategic partner companies, Tricera have a deep value chain starting from the battery module up to the complete system. This enables the company to develop new concepts for first and second life battery storage system.