Ampner’s Power Engineering has been living a memorable year of accomplishments and growth. I will offer a recap of our year’s progress in Power Engineering, the department for expert services.

Our footprint in offering expertise to our clients stretched across Nordics and even into Northern Europe. We are taking part in majority of wind power projects being built in Finland. During the year we have had also ongoing projects in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and with Finnish hydropower plants. With an award to continue collaboration with OX2 in Lestijärvi in November, the biggest wind power plant being built in Finland to date, we underlined our capability in maintaining customer relations reaching many years and across multiple projects, and taking on major projects with large scope. At the other end, we were able to guide one of the first wind power plants in Finland and first one in our books under VJV2018 into FON (Final Operational Notification) -state. This means the power plant has fulfilled all requirements and can produce power indefinitely.

The year was another one plagued by pandemic. However, necessary safety measures have been taken and in Power Engineering we have been able to continue working effectively. Power plant projects have been able to progress not only on our PC screens but also at the field. We have completed compliance tests in over ten wind power plants this year and performed at least the same amount of other field measurement campaigns. Our field crew has done a great job. Working with continuously changing time tables demands extremely careful planning especially in case of wind power, where the power generation is depended on  weather too.

Although a remarkable milestone, getting into a stage where the power plant has been commissioned and is ready for grid code compliance testing is just a tip of the ice berg. All design work and calculations done in earlier stages of the project leads to a successful completion of the compliance testing as well. This year we have completed the whole stage 1 of the Finnish grid code compliance process for over ten power plants, including all modelling and simulation works. We have also worked with several projects in their concept stage to ensure feasible dimensioning, functionality and safety, as well as compliance of the power plant into grid code requirements and relevant standards. Our modelling and simulations department has been working under pressure for the whole year, not only because of the amount of projects in our portfolio but also because under the year we developed our offering into a new service.

Subsynchronous oscillation studies were requested by Finnish transmission system operator in the beginning of this year, not only for power plants in planning but also for those being build and even in commissioning. We were able to act fast and develop expertise and capability in performing these studies to our clients as required.

The work load has been huge not only in simulation, modelling and testing, also in our design & engineering as well as project management and the whole team. During the year we have welcomed five new experts in our team and at the same time continued to keep the teams productivity and spirits high. Ampner will continue pushing innovative solutions to help our clients solve their problems and meet ever strictening grid code requirements.

Thank you to all hardworking experts in Ampner’s Power Engineering as well as all administrative and other personnel who have helped us. You made this year a stellar one! Wishing you relaxing holidays when we prepare for an exciting 2022. Let’s make it a good one!