Ampner has signed a contract with VEO to provide power system studies for Bjerkreim wind power plant in south-west Norway. Project will have an installed capacity of 294 MW, consisting of 70 pcs of 4.2 MW wind turbines.

Ampner power system study scope includes grid code compliance studies required by Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett and other studies related to substation protection and power quality.

“We have chose Ampner as a partner in this project, due to their solid experience in the market and our well-established cooperation during last years” says Viktor Forss, Managing Director at VEO AS.

“We have gained experience from more than 1200 MW built wind power projects in Finland. Norwegian wind sector is booming, and we are pleased to see that with our long-term partner VEO we can utilize our gained experience in the markets” says Mika Jantunen, Director of Power Engineering at Ampner.

Ampner power Engineering team is specialized in grid code compliance service, power system design and power system studies for renewable power plants.