After upper secondary school, Mikko trained as a mechanical and production engineer and, later, as an electrical engineer whilst working, after he realised that design work is always closely linked to electrical expertise.

You can quickly see the results of your work

Before Ampner, Mikko worked in design tasks for various organisations in Finland and Denmark. Mikko works as a mechanical engineer in the ACE 300 product development team. His tasks include planning and design as well as testing, building prototypes and discussions with clients and partners. The best parts of his work are the diversity of his work tasks and the fact that his work has tangible impacts on the larger picture. In his opinion, a short chain from design to a ready product is rewarding, because you can quickly see the results of your work. At Ampner, he likes the freedom and responsibility, as well as working in a sector that has excellent prospects for growth. Mikko says that he learns something new every day in his work – sometimes also the hard way, when creating something new.

Mikko is an extrovert with a great sense of humour who has a joke for every situation. His interests include sports, fishing, and literature.