Are you a visionary leader ready to steer a pioneering company towards a greener future? Do you have experience in the energy sector and a solid technical understanding of renewable energy systems? Ampner, a frontrunner in connecting renewable energy sources to the grid, seeks a CEO passionate about making a significant environmental impact through innovation and technology. 

We offer a € 1 000 reward for referring a candidate who is successfully selected for this role. This reward can be personally accepted or donated to a charity of your choice. Suggest a candidate for us to contact here.

Why Ampner?

  • Innovation and Impact: We combat climate change with cutting-edge solutions. Ampner is committed to managing, testing, and ensuring the quality of renewable energy sources, making a tangible impact on our planet’s future.
  • Growth and Development Opportunities: Standing at a pivotal point of expansion, the CEO role offers opportunities for strategic leadership, professional growth, and the chance to significantly influence the direction of renewable energy.
  • Strong Financial Position: Our recent achievements, including the successful sale of our ACE 300 inverter product and technology to Danfoss at the end of 2023, have solidified our financial stability, positioning us for ambitious future investments, recruitments, and projects.
  • Team and Culture: Leading and growing a team of dedicated professionals in an innovative, collaborative, and supportive work environment. Working at Ampner is based on trust and giving employees freedom and responsibility. For us, different personalities are an asset – at Ampner everyone can be him/herself. Our core values are entrepreneurship, trust, and taking initiative and responsibility. We aim at continuous improvement every day, to serve our customers better and better.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Network: Benefit from established relationships with leading investors and partners in the renewable energy sector in Finland and abroad. As CEO, you’ll leverage and expand these networks to propel Ampner to new heights.

Role Overview:

  • Location: Helsinki or Vaasa (offices located here; team operates remotely).
  • Company Status: Financially robust, cash-positive, with a strong foundation for growth following the sale of our ACE 300 inverter business to Danfoss at the end of last year.
  • Ideal Candidate: Brings deep industry knowledge, excellent bilingual communication skills (English and Finnish), a sales-oriented approach, and proven leadership capabilities. A university graduate, preferably with a Master of Science in Technology or similar. 

What We Offer:

  • A chance to lead a company at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.
  • The freedom to build and manage a team aligned with strategic goals.
  • Support from experienced investors with extensive networks.

If you have any questions about the position, you can contact: 

Mikko Pääkkönen, Member of the board

Mireka Caselius, Chairperson of the board

Join us:

Are you ready to lead Ampner for the next era of our journey?

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