In 14,5 seconds, the Sun provides as much energy to the Earth as the mankind uses in a day. It would be unwise not to use this “raw material” for electricity, especially when we know that it comes free of charge.

Currently approximately 90% of all new installed power production capacity globally is based on renewal energy and 50% of all new installed power production capacity is based on solar energy.

The costs of utility scale photovoltaic plants have come down rapidly over the last decade. Currently the solar energy generation cost is lower than 40$ per MWh, making solar the least costly power generation method available. Combined with the rapidly developing storage technology this provides an excellent way to fight against climate change and move towards a zero carbon system. We at Ampner are extremely proud to be part of this development.

One of the most essential parts in a photovoltaic power plant is the inverter which converts the DC power coming from the solar panels to AC to be fed into the grid. The inverters, in a way the heart of the power plant, form only about 2-4% of the total costs of a plant but play a significant role in the yield that the investors and power plant operators expect from the plant.

The photovoltaic system DC voltages have essentially shifted from 1000 V to 1500 V, as higher voltage reduces losses and enables savings in cabling thus providing better yield from the power plant.

To support investors and operators in reaching their targets, Ampner Oy has developed its Ampner ACE TM 300 inverter product family for photovoltaic power plants and energy storages of 1500 Vdc and 1 MW or higher. Our inverter has been designed for extremely challenging sites, be it hot, cold, high altitude or corrosive environment. To further facilitate the deployment of solar energy, from our part, we want our customers to be able to build their plants as flexibly as possible and with high yield in every climate.